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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hi Guys...Belated Happy New Year.


Been awhile. I just got back from an amazing and inspiring trip to Japan. It was my first time there and I was amazed by the fashion and culture. Oh, and the food, of course. I'll share pictures from the trip in a blog post soon.


I wanted to write about a new line of t-shirts I just started. It's still under the brand of a1000x, but it's not so much about art. This line is for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers. It's called a1000x All Biz. I'm not quite sure if there's a market for this, but I was inspired to design some stuff based on everything I've been learning and trying to apply to my business. [Check out the designs here--anyone can buy them, but I don't know if everyone will relate to it.]


Entrepreneurship is a funny thing. Many people, me included, spend a lot of time learning and absorbing techniques, strategies, and theories. But often we don't pull the trigger and apply what we learn. Or we try to pull the trigger on many things all at once. Sometimes you're paralyzed about what to do next; other times you're overwhelmed. But there are times when you try something new, apply it, and start to see improvements in your business. Ah, those are "sweet spot"/"in the zone" moments that make entrepreneurship exciting.


By the way, part of the inspiration for this line of t-shirt designs was my own poor effort of trying to grow this business while also applying for colleges and scholarships. It's been a somewhat dismal attempt to juggle many things and it made me think of the 80/20 principle. That in turn, made me optimize my workflow a bit and I thought that reminding myself of this principle (which almost every entrepreneur is familiar with) was helpful. There is a common language and bond between entrepreneurs--shared learning, shared ideas. And hey, maybe a t-shirt design would be a way to keep reminding myself and others to keep the important concepts in mind.



a1000x All Biz t-shirt designs for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers


You'll notice that some of the designs aren't inspirational though. The more I thought of ideas, the more I also saw some of the humor in what we do. This line is an homage to people who, despite failure, and the sometimes misunderstanding (not to mention occasional ridicule) of our family and friends, keep going on a path to their own personal freedom. Keep it up. Stay in motion. I hope you like the designs and I would appreciate any  feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks, Jack


P.S. A portion of profits from this line of t-shirt designs will go towards the a1000x Scholarship program I'm trying to get off the ground. These along with our scholarship shirts will help support student artists. And yes, we are going to be launching scholarship t-shirts again very soon!


a1000x All Biz t-shirt designs for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers 

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