a Thousand Times
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a1000x art inspired clothing

Giving Back.

a1000x was created for just this reason. Sure, we wanted to build a business that made a profit. We also wanted to help artists in our community market their creations.


But, and it's a big but, we definitely wanted to sell products that also helped others.


All artists showcased at a1000x receive a percentage of profits from their products sold.


A portion of the remaining profits that goes to a1000x is given quarterly to a good cause somewhere in the world. Currently, we are interested in supporitng work done in Africa, but the causes will vary throughout the year.


We don't know if this model will work or if it will be able to sustain this business in the long run. We think it can. We're going to give it a try.


If you are interested in working with us in the area of giving, please contact us.

a1000x art inspired clothing