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a1000x art inspired clothing
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All Biz T-shirts for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers

Cool and funny t-shirt designs for everyone building their dreams.


a1000x (a Thousand Times) is a simple philosophy. If you're gonna do or create something...do it big.


When we're not working on new designs and promoting art, we're like YOU, ...working on our business. That means reading business books, listening to marketing podcasts, and watching videos on web development and search engine optimization. And then it means smart planning, taking action and implementing something.


You're listening to the words of Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Zig Ziglar, Daniel Pink or any of your other favorites willing to share and teach. And you're executing new ideas, weighing risks, working goals, and stretching your abilities everyday. So a1000x's "All Biz" line of t-shirts is an homage to entrepreneurs like you who are out there doing what you do. Sometimes the designs poke fun, but mainly these tees are just reminders that you're on a continuous journey--always learning, always working--towards your own kind of freedom. These t-shirts are hand-printed on quality 100% cotton and reasonably priced compared to our artist line of shirts.


Hope you like these tees. If you have an idea for a t-shirt, send us a message. Can't promise we'll design it, but who knows. Or if you want to do a joint venture with a custom tee for your blog or business, just contact me. See, always working, baby!

a1000x All Biz T-shirts for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers, supports a1000x Scholarship program

A portion of every "All Biz" t-shirt you buy will go to the a1000x Scholarship Program for student artists. Go forth and make your art.

a1000x All Biz T-shirts for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers

Check out the ALL BIZ designs, created just for YOU...the ferocious entrepreneur!

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a1000x is the brainchild of 17 year-old Jack Uesugi of Wahiawa, Hawaii, and it's an effort in social entrepreneurship. Hi guys! In 2012, I placed 2nd in the National Teen Tycoon Competition with my business idea and video entry. Since then, a1000x has been featured nationally on CNBC, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Inc., and others. I'm currently working on a1000x and applying for colleges and scholarships and that hasn't been easy. But it was this struggle that got me thinking about a line of inspiring t-shirts for fellow entrepreneurs, and the sometimes quirky lifestyle we lead. Hope you like it.

Jack's Entry for the Next Teen Tycoon Competition


Thanks for considering a1000x. Check things out and let us know how we can improve what we do. We're still growing, but growing a1000x.