a Thousand Times
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a1000x art inspired clothing

About a1000x art inspired t-shirts


a1000x (a Thousand Times) is a simple philosophy. If you're gonna do or create something...do it big.


Take what you have and make it better. Find out what you don't know and learn something new. Build and create, and keep going. Help someone out whenever you can. Set your sights high--dream big.


At a1000x, we love art and design. We want to bring our own creations to life, and we want to showcase some of the coolest artists we know. It's the stuff we want--cool shirts, cool art, photos, words, music. Our goal is to help other artists to continue what they do, while highlighting and helping good causes around the world.

about Jack Uesugi, founder of a1000x art inspired t-shirts


a1000x was founded by 16 year-old Jack Uesugi of Wahiawa, Hawaii as an effort in social entrepreneurship. 

Check it out and let us know how we can improve what we do. We're still growing, but growing a1000x.